A Cheatsheet for Ubuntu Shortcuts

2017-07-15 05:02:00 +0000
Ubuntu 16.04


This post shows the list of default shortcuts for Ubuntu 16.04. You can directly check this via System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts on your machine.

Here is a notable issue: Even though your settings say that, for example, ctrl alt 0 does “minimize window”, ctrl alt KP0 will do the job instead. Note that the symbol KP0 refers to “Keypad number 0”.


ctrl alt l Lock screen
ctrl alt del Log out


alt tab move window
alt ` move window within the same program
ctrl super up maximize window
ctrl super down restore window if it is maximized, minimize window otherwise
ctrl alt KP5 toggle maximization state
ctrl alt KP0 minimize window
ctrl alt s toggle shaded state
alt F4 close window
alt F7 move window by moving a mouse pointer
alt F8 resize window by moving a mouse pointer
alt space activate the window menu
ctrl super d hide all normal windows and revert
super home switch to workspace 1
ctrl alt left switch to workspace left
ctrl alt right switch to workspace right
ctrl alt up switch to workspace above
ctrl alt down switch to workspace below
shift super home move window to workspace 1
shift ctrl alt left move window to left workspace and switch to left workspace
shift ctrl alt right move window to right workspace and switch to right workspace
shift ctrl alt up move window to upper workspace and switch to upper workspace
shift ctrl alt down move window to lower workspace and switch to lower workspace
super s switch between workspaces


alt show the HUD (head up display)
ctrl alt t launch terminal


super space switch to next source
shift super space switch to previous source


print take screenshot
alt print take screenshot of window
shift print take screenshot of area
ctrl print copy screenshot to clipboard
ctrl alt print copy screenshot of window to clipboard
shift ctrl print copy screenshot of area to clipboard